I was born in Montego Bay the last child of Lucinda and Harry Hines.I attended Chetwood primary and Montego Bay secondary (now St. James High). I always love poetry but only started writing in the mid-nineties then it struck me that all I need to do was to add a bridge and a chorus and I could turn them Into song lyrics. Our first song was “pick yourself up” the music was written by Joseph Williams who also co-wrote the lyrics our second song was “walk away” Joseph Williams and I both worked on the music and lyrics. Our third song “I was hurting inside” I collaborated with a French gentleman Eric Alberting who I met “online” he put the music to the lyrics. I pay special homage to Joseph Williams who guided me as to how I should go about producing these songs. Our next project is a love song called “Caroline” another collaboration with Eric Alberting.

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